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hails *xoxo*
It’s been a little while…
Q: I love your page! It's such a tease(: What did you study at NCSU?

statistics, BS, philosophy minor, design history BA

asked by Anonymous
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Q: your bf is so lucky!!

aaannndd…. i am no longer attached! let’s get crazy! haha

asked by Anonymous
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Q: Are these pics all of you or just others?

all these are me — and mostly selfies (obvs.) 

hope you like them!

xoxo hails

asked by isodapper
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Q: If I told you I was touching myself to you, would you think it was weird?

that’s kind of the point, no? ;) 

asked by socksnstockingselfies
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it’s like i have fairy wings

has anyone ever had sex on a trampoline? it sounds like fun but it might also be difficult to get a good rhythm going… guess I’ll have to figure it out! 😉

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Q: What kind of pics do you like?

honestly, i like most pics, the random dick pic, sexy & sensual girls, artsy-looking nudes… but for me (and for many girls) it’s as much mental as it is physical - i mean, just seeing a man naked doesn’t necessarily turn me on… i need to know more - what’s the situation? are we doing something where someone might catch us? are we in love? lust? is he intelligent or just pretty? 

us girls are so complicated, no? LOL. 



asked by danbake
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