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hails *xoxo*
My biggest number of notes to date… :)
Like this one,  not sure exactly what it is…
nice lighting :)
With my chest all puffed it looks like I’m about to lead my people into battle using a scepter like no other

Also the term glass dick comes to mind We should bring that back

Blurry, but I like it.
It’s been a little while…
Q: I love your page! It's such a tease(: What did you study at NCSU?

statistics, BS, philosophy minor, design history BA

asked by Anonymous
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Q: your bf is so lucky!!

aaannndd…. i am no longer attached! let’s get crazy! haha

asked by Anonymous
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Q: Are these pics all of you or just others?

all these are me — and mostly selfies (obvs.) 

hope you like them!

xoxo hails

asked by isodapper-deactivated20141008
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Q: If I told you I was touching myself to you, would you think it was weird?

that’s kind of the point, no? ;) 

asked by socksnstockingselfies
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it’s like i have fairy wings